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I don’t think there is an appetite in any country in the world to be able to pass this stuff through, aside from places that are fairly wealthy. Say, Holland has Android For Absolute Beginners wealth tax, if I remember right. I think, it’s 1.5% over your net worth. That stuff won’t work in north America. Although, can’t put anything past these people.


Remember, it was Richard Shelby from Alabama, a Republican Senator that basically shot down the amendment that we were looking to have. I just don’t think it’s that clear. The nice thing is, time is on our side. I think, a lot of these politicians come to us, not the other way around.

Bespreken van Bitcoin Freedom vs. Overheidsdienstbaarheid

Then, I think, the letter that Michael sent in particular is really important for a lot of institutions. I’ll leave that there for now in terms of other steps that I think need to take place for us to have more of a voice in Washington. I think, a lot best math software of it is just being naive and ignorant, but I at least, so, I think it’s on us to take the steps to focus on teaching folks on the hill and back home. I think, where you live is just in your local politicians are just as important as people in DC.

I’m not here to argue the merits for or against, whether or not that policy should take place or shouldn’t, but that’s actually how they’re going to get at additional wealth that’s trapped in these ways. I think, it’s a really great way to do it, right? If you want to further the Ponzi scheme and you know that you’re going to print – you’re at the printer of last resort, and where’s all that money, where’s all that wealth being created? Yeah, fuck the rich.” It slowly becomes the norm. I think, that’s really the dangerous thing here. I actually don’t think that people will just revolt, because they’re not actually going to do a China bans Bitcoin style thing.

It just shows some virtual signaling for why they understand their plight. We need to get other people to own and hold Bitcoin, because that does become an immensely powerful tool. People usually like to protect things that they own. It’s not perfect, but it really does become very helpful when people have their own wealth to protect.

Bespreken van Bitcoin Freedom vs. Overheidsdienstbaarheid

I think, any discussion we have, this is fantastic, and I applaud everyone for doing it and engaging and to coming with an open mind. That’s why it’s very important to have a crisp message about Bitcoin to the politicians. It takes the efforts of everyone, the plebs, and it takes grassroots efforts from the bottom up, constituents calling their representatives. It also takes companies weighing in. It takes organizations like the one that Amanda and Joe and Becca and Jimmy and others are part of. Again, it’s always going to be the stochastic step forward, but we are moving forward, even if sometimes we lose ground in the short-term.

There seems to be no end in sight. Everything’s doing really well. The stock market’s doing really well. I’m just going to have tangles of 2006 with rap videos of guys running around, throwing euros in the air, and all the rest of it.

  • I think, it’s just an afront to Bitcoin, that they don’t understand that Bitcoin is about justice and about equality and about fairness.
  • I think, that’s the part that we sometimes miss is that yes, it feels good to do all of these things and go about it in a standard political way and the whole nine.
  • When the 1.8% highest paid above $500,000 are paying 41% of all the taxes collected.
  • The stock market’s doing really well.

The truth is, just like what Jay said, we’ve talked about that before. With marijuana, it’s like, the people saying, “Look, man. We want this to be legal.” Until the people really spoke up loud enough and were like, “Look, we’ll vote you out, if you don’t make this legal,” or they wind neural network xor up getting to the point where it was on the actual ballot. I think, that’s a big part of this. Because if you actually look, and Jay made this point earlier, the amount of revenue under most of these proposals, it’s not going to solve the spending. It’s not going to be budget neutral.

I think, we are in for some very interesting supply shocks in the next coming years, if credit is cheap. Because still baffling to me, I was bitching about this maybe, six months or so ago. How is it possible that the world is literally ending in mid-pandemic for the average person in say, January this year, everybody’s going to die, but you cannot buy an overboard motor boat? That is probably the last thing people are going to buy if their world is ending. Then, two, three years later, I encroach in into another segment of the population.

It happens over and over again, and we’re seeing it with this rhetoric of we need to go after this income. I think, the stepped-up basis attack is definitely practical. I think, the ability to start taxing people on appreciation is going to be much more difficult, not only politically to pass, but also from an accounting standpoint to enforce.

That in turn, causes even more money to be printed and go into the economy, that causes higher prices and stuff. Even if they didn’t get rid of it, they’re saying, they’re going to go back to saying that your cost basis is now their cost basis, which I don’t think is completely unfair, to be totally honest. I’m not totally against all the things, but because you’re not – if that’s not a taxable event, unless they sell it. She’s just saying, why should you get a stepped-up basis on a cost basis? That makes sense, actually, in my opinion, but you could debate that.

Bespreken van Bitcoin Freedom vs. Overheidsdienstbaarheid

That being said, I do think part of the messaging and the narrative that we’ve overlooked here is that people are seeing the real way to stay flat. They’re seeing a lot of situations where the middle-class, particularly the poor are trapped in these cycles, where they can leverage the Cantillon effect that a lot of other classes can. They are desperate for politicians to be relatable, to put on a dress and say, tax the rich and make them understand, or feel.

We could pay off the debt if we automated away most of the bureaucracy and kept our tax receipts the same. No, there’s no political will to do it, so we’re just going to collapse. I think, one thing that people really haven’t considered about what we’re going through now is that it’s like this really weird, slow collapse, where we’re starting to see things get jankified, right? There’s some general jankification of society. I met them at a political event and I said, “Actually, guys, I’m a Bitcoiner.


Amanda, I do want to hear what you were going to say. I think, it’s really important to offer education before asking for specific attention to things that they know that were going to be around for years and not just come and go. I think, that’s really important throughout this whole process. You can get 6.1% APY on your first two Bitcoin that you deposit into Ledn interest accounts, and you can get 8.5% on USDC deposits. I mean, I know all the competitors.

I think, it’s political suicide and 70% to 80% of the country’s congressional districts. Essentially, it’s increasing his interest rate, essentially. The interest rate from the bank, but then you have an imposed tax from the government, the tax from the bank, it could just be like, almost a library plus, right? He may have a 3% interest rate from the bank, and then the government says, if you’re borrowing money against your assets, we’re going to tax you 5% on the amount you borrow. They’re not going to not borrow to do that.

Bespreken van Bitcoin Freedom vs. Overheidsdienstbaarheid

They’re certainly not going to sell their assets. They may not come for the poorest people in this country, but the richer people in this country, the middle class of this country, the upper middle-class of this country, they’re looking and saying, “Screw that. They’re the 400 richest people.

There is a point of no return with this stuff. Most people want to do things kosher. You go, you pay your exit tax, or whatever. There is a point in which, people will be forced to go above and beyond what’s kosher.

Now, you have the people who already paid for two years saying, “Yeah. If you’re going to charge me, you’re going to charge those, too.” Then you get to the other side of the population who is more on middle to poor side to go, “Yeah. Charge those people in the middle, too.” Then, you have those in. Then, you get there through a couple more years and then you go after the rest, a few five, six years later. You can roll this thing out without much bullshit within 10 years. Even though Bitcoin will be Bitcoin, we’d like to be there a little bit with greater grace and flexibility to make it put in our path, it’s some really big boulders.

I think, when you build up the right, the Bitcoin hero, and you strengthen that narrative that the right is from the Bitcoin, they’re not our friend. What we have to do is get more people holding Bitcoin, because the more people that hold Bitcoin and understand what Bitcoin is doing for them, the larger the base of voters becomes. I think, that’s the part from a political standpoint that it almost is manipulative, to be all the way – What politics aren’t manipulate? It’s just politics as usual to try to manipulate a base to make them believe that it’s us versus them. When the truth of the matter is, the us versus them is probably really supposed to be the government versus the people, the state versus the people. The reason Warren Buffet likes the estate tax so much is that when all kinds of people have to sell their businesses, because they can’t meet the estate tax, because they may not be liquid, he gets to buy it on the cheap.